Yodefet Chefetz was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Yodefet began her career as a fashion designer for an upscale Israeli sportswear chain. During these years Yodefet, as part of her job,went to visit her Italian suppliers. She was fascinated by the rich colors that she was exposed to in Florence, Venice and Milan. Later she traveled to Barcelona where she got acquainted with the work of Gaudi and his use of colors.
These visits inspired her quest for glass beads. Subsequently, she made frequent trips to find glass bead suppliers. Her new inspiration initiated her visits to the Venetian island of Murano and to Prague. There she found the most beautiful and colorful glass beads and crystals, that comprise her unique and breathtaking jewelry.
In 2002 Yodefet moved to South Florida, a rapidly growing jewelry market.
The artist now works out of her naturally lit Boca Raton studio,where the
Florida sun highlights the marvelous beads and gives her more of a pallet
for her creations. Her work runs the gamut from vintage to contemporary.
Yodefet's jewelry is currently being sold in fine stores in Conneticut,
New York and California. The artist is also showing her jewelry
line in juried Arts & Crafts shows throughout Florida.
Clients can order, through the Internet or by phone, items that are shown or not displayed in the website. Yodefet will work hand in hand with customers to create their own unique pieces of art.
Yodefet Jewelry